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Rut Agnes Matilda Hassler 18 år Luleå Sweden Europe Tellus

Bienvenido! Bienvenue! 欢迎! Herzlich willkommen, välkommen, welcome unt so weiter.

18-years old life-lover who wants the world to be a better place because I was here.

Just arrived in my native country Sweden after one year abroad with AFS Intercultural Programs in Switzerland. As Mouthpiece for the Young Greens Sweden region North, candidate for the municipality of my hometown Luleå and the country council of Norrbotten I do my best to make sure the Swedish elections on the 14th of September will bring us a green, feministic future without borders!

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Saknade skogar

Och min längtan efter att skriva på mitt kära modersmål går före möjligheten att nå ut till mångdubbelt fler genom att välja ett annat språk. Jag sitter på Norrlandskustens buss till Umeå och tror att jag är lycklig. Oändliga stora saknade skogar. Friheten som lokaltrafik innebär (vad sjutton heter public transport på svenska jag hittar inte ORDET). Tittar på first aid kit-väskan brevid mig i bussen och i nästa sekund sjunger mina idoler från First Aid Kit i högtalarna. Trevliga busspersonalen går förbi och säljer "fika" ett av mina favoritord som bara finns på svenska. Priserna känns billiga. Vi passerar vindsnurror. Allt känns så himla modernt. Att det skulle vara tufft att komma hem, att inget har förändrats (utom en själv) efter ett utbytesår har inte alls stämt för mig såhär snart två veckor efter henkomst. Det var längesen jag uppskattade mitt liv, människor runt omkring mig och deras vilja att förändra, Sverige så mycket. Nu hoppar jag strax av på Umeå busstation. Välkommen till helgens stora festival Umeå Uxu där ni finner mig, min språkrörskollega Agnes Johansson Grön Ungdoms ena nationella språkrör Lorentz Tovatt med flera peppade gröna feministiska peppade ungdomar till max!

Life is a gift

And I don't intend on wasting it.
I am back in Sweden and life has never been so beautiful. Clashes of cultures, beloved people all over the world, music, food, love, food, the sea, my family, the world's best summer job, languages and God knows how long I could go on. A tip? Go on exchange! Mix it all together and you know you get the best of both worlds und so weiter!

C'est le temps de l'amour le temps de bonheur et de l'aventure

Busy eating too much chocolate, going around in circles and trying to figure out the best way to spend my last week in Switzerland I felt like writing a blog post. Let's calm down and remember why you should be proud:
♥ You went on exchange, which would never have been possible just a few years ago. A year of breaking habits, going outside the system and changing the rules of the games of life. No matter where in the world you go.
♥ In the past week you; rode a horse, painted an oil-painting took, saved a dead sheep, said goodbye to friends on the other side of Earth, told the truth to your class teacher and did what you could to make up with a realtive.
♥ You made your first 100% Agnes-made cinnamon buns yesterday. And they're good.

Bye bye blue

Anders Borgs "feministiska";

Moderaternas briljanta samerbete med Sverigedemokraterna;
En prins just nu;

Och Fredrik Reinfeldt är rädd för hur feminismen skulle kunna drabba Sverige. Ha en bra dag! Kram från soligt Schweiz


So I couldn't make my inner will och sharing glimpses from this trip here. And so my friend Andrea from Umeå who also lives in Switzerland just told me how much she appreciated the last posts and how she got a new point of view on a l ot of stuff. So what am I waiting for?

Sweden needs to get better

Read this article. A from-the-outside, nuanced, analyzed article about my first home-country. Finally someone who goes below the surface and realizes that things aren't black and white, good and bad but complex. Thanks to Emma Renberg for sharing this!

Touching moments of my schooling

Elin. Drömmen om Elin. I Polen. A friend like you is hard to find. It is as cheesy as it is true. = current and up-to-date subjects, with a connection to our life today together with freedom and personal responsibility in school.
Five genocides, that have caused (and still does) millions of deaths, numbers that I can't even imagine when counting. Especially not when each number equals a human. Five presentations made by five groups all consisting of people I like/love so much in a Catholic home in Oswiecim, Auschwitz.
Sudan Darfur, 300.000 deaths. 2 million on the run.
The Cambodia group. So touched. And I miss those cutiepies so much!

Beware of pictures we need to see to protect the future

This girl was one of them. A 2-year old hungarian Jewish triplet that Dr. Mengele abused for experimenting. One of the picture's that touched me the most during our visit.
Photographs of some of the 7500 women who were in such a terrible state that they couldn't depart with others in the evacuation march in January 1945.
Jävla 19 år gammal. Och han ser ut som min barndomsvän. Det gör så ont att se. Människor är verkligen inte nödvändigtvis humana, vad det nu än är.
Vad FAN hade gjort er?
A picture that I couldn't allow myself to not perpetuate. The result of Josef Mengele's medical experiments.
Yes, the job cleaning Auschwitz exists. Luckily. Otherwise nature would take over this place.
Among the most touching and rewarding talks I've had in my life. Thanks the wheel of fortune for having giving me such an amazing, open-minded, free schooling since I was a child. Especially in senior high school with those class mates, teachers, fellows that came to mean so much for the personI am today.

What if all pupils on Earth could visit this place

The Standing Cells. In those punishment cells in one of the basements the SS incarcerated prisoners (often several together at the same time, packed as sardines) guilty of violating the camp regulations. Prisoners sentenced to death by starvation were also placed here in 1941.
Art is powerI am so happy that someone has been able to draw this nightmare.
My disgust when seeing this picture. Indescribable.

Among friends, Jazek and concentration camps

Polish breakfast at its best. I will continue to tell the story of a trip that I'll always carry with me.
The best guide I ever had. His name is Jazek.
All those women are dead.
And all those men.
And all those children.
But the sun keeps on shining and the grass keeps on growing.
This man has the worlds' most important job. To make sure we won't forget. I admire him.
This woman also has the world's most important job. She's my dear mentor and source of inspiration.

Amazing support

Received yesterday on Facebook when I dared to tell me conductor about my uncomfortableness singing songs as Marry a woman uglier than you. Best wishes to you all from a girl in a tram with her choir and an enormous smile on her lips.

This is Poland

Att jogga förbi general Rudolf Höss hus på morgonen och försöka se den lilla nyfikna pojken i Pojken i randig pyjamas titta fram bland vedträna bort mot Auschwitz. To pass by general Höss's old house in the morning imagining the little curious boy from The boy in the striped pyjamas by the wood.
Att gå och handla godis. Off to get som candy.
No suspicious shop owners we didn't steal anything!
Polsk frukost när den är som bäst. Polish breakast at its best.

Auschwitz |

Our first concentration camp visit and the strange feeling of happiness, sun, amazing friends at the same being closer than ever to something that have made me crying in panic so many times.
Is this real life? Yes.
The feeling of being in a filk. Inside Schindler's List or another of all the WW2 films you have seen together with people you love and without millions of prisoners and guards.
One of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen grew just inside the fence of Auschwitz |. What we all agreed on during this trip was that it's up to us humans to keep ourselves reminded and prevent history from repeating itself. Because nature doesn't care. Trees will grow, even if in its Earth contains human ash and corpses.
The Death Wall. From the fall of 1941 to the fall of 1943, the majority of executions were carried out in the walled-off yard of block 11 in the main camp, in front of a specially built “Death Wall.”
The pool where the SS-soldiers took a swim. I can't describe how much it disgusts me.
Right outside the camp where the lieutenant colonel Rudolf Höss was hanged in 1947.
Älskade Elin. Älskade Mats.
Going in to our first gas chamber.
One of the strangest feelings I've ever experienced. Undescribably horrible but at the same time feeling happy of being right there to understand and protect the future.
Scratch marks made by thousands of people and a girl that I admire so much doing everything in her power to prevent it from ever happening again (especially in those days with new Nazis in our parliaments).
Europe.How could we TOLERATE this?