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Rut Agnes Matilda Hassler 18 år Fribourg Switzerland Europe Tellus

Välkommen till min blogg! Bienvenue à mon blog! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Agnes Hassler, I'm 18-years old and I want the world to be a better place because I was here.

Enjoying each day of my current exchange year with AFS in Fribourg, Switzerland, born and raised in Sweden (another country).

As mouthpiece for the Young Greens Sweden region North, candidate for the municipality of my hometown Luleå and the country council of Norrbotten I do not spill one day before the EU-elections on 25th May and the Swedish elections on the 14th of September!

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Världens bästa Vilgot

I need to share this with you. The world's best Vilgot, my 13 year-old cousin, wrote this happiness-creating message to me

"How do you have it in Switzerland? Do you experience the multiculture that's missing in Luleå?

The answer is YES I am! And one day son you will too (though just kidding because you live and grew up in a part of Stockholm with a magnificent diversity, right?). l love you Viggly Jiggly Vilgot! ♥

Green Youths in Northern Sweden

"Fantastiskt fint och lovande styrelsemöte med Grön Ungdom Norr denna skärtorsdag. Så stolt och glad att få jobba med så kreativa, öppensinnade och nytänkande ungdomar! Let's turn 2014 års verksamhetsplan into reality!"
Tonight I am happy. After an annual meeting with the Green Youths region North and a board meeting I feel completely excited to give all I got together with new and old friends in the growing movement with optimistic youngsters beliving in a bright future. Thanks for Skype, understanding from host family and friends for being a bit absent during this Maundy Thursday's dinner. And most of all - thank you dear board colleagues for being so dedicated and always keeping on going with GU (while studying full-time and some of you even working as well!). People "who don't have time" to take action - this is proof. We all have time. You just need to look out for how you're using it.
So, go friends and keep up the good work. You change the world!


Not many days pass by without hearing how women are being treated like shit. In one way or another.

In the country I'm from 700 rapes are committed every week (officially). Guess how many of them that leads to a judgement? 3. How tragic is that?

I support FATTA. For a change of the law against sexual violence. Feminism is the future. Fatta!

Cheers to life

What did I do to deserve all this luck that I've had this far in my life? When I forget my computer at the hotel in France where we went on class trip this week, there's a girl who takes it with her all the way to my house in Fribourg in a few days. When I burst into tears in my room feeling lonely, not knowing what to do with my life, my host sister Manon comes in and asks ke if I wanna play a board game with the sisters and bam that evening was saved.

Today I have been thinking a lot about group orientation and independence. My conclusion is that even though it can be difficult, lead to panick now and then and the impression of floating around with nothing to lean back on - I'm enormously happy and proud to be as independent as I am, compared to what I used to be before going on exchange. Though my will to stay around people hasn't and won't ever change. I love you all and everyone, friends and family around the world!

Inspiration while in France

Hi! Yes it's true, suddenly some of the biggest resellers of whale meat has stopped their dirty business. Thanks Supermiljöbloggen for inspiring mr everyday! Enjoy (I don't know if you'll find English translation). I'm in France on class trip = low blogging update. Enjoy!

The vegetable among the chickens

That was me earlier today during one of the highlights of this Monday when the teacher announces the "bad news" for the arrival dinner of our class trip tomorrow.

- Everybody is getting chicken! (Oh poor friends, couldn't choose wether to contribute to contribute to a main cause of climate change by eating chicken or cow, I said to myself while waiting for a follow up to the cliff hanger of what food I was to wait). Sigh from class.

- Except for the vegetarian!
*Automatically raising my fist in the air saying yes*.

Palais des nations

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get closer than ever to the heart of one of my many maybe-future dream places to work - the UN:s Palace of Nations in Geneva. The 2nd most important UN headquarter in the world.
Big thanks to James Johnson, one of many exchange students from all over the world for booking us a guide and putting all of us together. Love you guys!
My most international experience ever caught in a picture. Our guide speaking French, German, English, Chinese and Spanish being able to talk with the group with Spanish muslims besidue us and flirting linguisticually with almost all of us exchange student (but me - haha!), though still, with his general charm, interest and knowledge about the world - he had me at hello.
One of many beautiful halls visited where the meetings of the Comission on Human rights takes place. The ceiling representing the diversity of the world, a piece of art created by a Spanish artist. Just to make it clear for myself and for everybody; the UN isn't some secret club of politicians from all over the world: almost all discussions and meetings are recorded and can be listened to online.
The last hall we visited, where the most heavy peace talks are held, such as those between Iran and Iraq in the 80's. So many good questions asked, I've never known so much about the world and how the international community and the governments of the world works (obviously, yet there's so much to learn). Long live relaxed down-to-earth guides easier to talk and ask questions to than most teachers I've had in Switzerland!
The feeling of walking in to a store and standing straight away right in front of your heroes.
I hope we'll meet here one day.
My life is my message - Mahatma Gandhi.
Thanks Mahatma for following me through this year in Switzerland. Yesterday no exception.
Be the changement you wish to see in the world.

Whale freedom forever

One of many cute e-mails found in my mailbox today:
"Hi Agnes,
I have some fantastic news for you. Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean has been ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice!That’s amazing!

Today we have a remarkable end to a chapter in the battle to stop hundreds of whales being killed each year in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica in the name of “research”. Together, we’ve campaigned since 1987 to stop Japan’s annual “scientific” whaling expedition and expose it for what it really is - a cover for continued commercial hunting. And now one of the most respected courts in the world has agreed with us.
 Greenpeace campaigning against whaling

But this isn’t the end of the story. While this may stop Japan’s whaling efforts in the Southern Ocean, Japan could still try and find new excuses to continue this cull under another guise. We need to keep on fighting.

Defending our oceans means compelling governments to support a huge network of marine reserves that will act as sanctuaries for the diverse, beautiful, weird and wonderful species all over the world.

This means places like the Antarctic, which is under threat from commercial fishing and climate change. Visit and join the call to defend this precious ocean. We’re telling politicians to create a vast network of marine reserves to protect the Antarctic and species like emperor penguins, minke whales and colossal squid.

A humpback whale breeching

There is still a whole lot to be done, but we’ve shown that nothing is impossible. Millions of us working together can protect the last wildernesses on  the planet. Be proud of what we’ve achieved today and I hope you’ll continue to be part of it."

For the oceans,

Willie Mackenzie

Thank you everybody! Long live ONG's!

More open-minded school thank you

In French class today:

- What's the difference between Martin Luther King and Martin and Martin Luther?"

Student answering:
- One is black and one is white.

I am endlessly tired of conservative retrograde, squared, black-white:ish education that I could throw up.

The light in the darkness: the discussions with Natalia and Annie comparing the pro's and con's of the different education systems of our countries (Ecuador, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden). And one of my party's, Miljöpartiets, main questions for the 2014 elections is EDUCATION! ♥

Jason the inspiration

One of my biggest sources of inspiration currently is Jason Michael Bosak Diakité - more often known as Timbuktu. This song says a whole lot about the xenophobia and right-wing movements that more and more people in Europe (and more specifically in Sweden, in this case) tend to vote for, support and allow.
 Here is me my beloved and missed friend Lisa and Jason at a local festival outside Boden two summers ago. Swedish-understanders, enjoy the lyrics of the song:

Dom gamla är inte fria och dom unga får ingen framtid
Ja, dom tar dig och skickar hem dig fast du bott här hela ditt liv
Svarta duvor dyker och liljor finns inte kvar
Men drömmen i oss lever trots att landet blir begravt

Mannen, Reinfeldt är en maskot
Bildt en riktigt killer
Han målade sitt mästerverk i röd blod spillage
Och fyra blankt svarta backspeglar stirrar på mig
Fem antenner och riktade mikrofoner
Jag satt några timmar där och Säpo, no biggie
Det var nånting dom sa, att jag har mordhotat Jimmie
Ha, Sebbe fucking Staxx gör vad han vill
Så Säpo är ni med? Här kommer ett hot till!
Kungsgatan med Soran, hade jag varit med
Hade jag tagit järnröret och lagt dom i koma, alla tre

Yeah, fuck SD med Jimmie i spetsen
Sänker en, sänker två, ja då springer nog resten
För vi färgade gator med programrebeller och soldater
Bomberjackan blev kostym
Dom grep sin chans men rasism är ett resultat av ignorans

Palme fick ett nackskott, SD fick en jackpott
Folket blev till fimparna i Anders Borgs askkopp
Fuck dom, plöjde välfärden med en traktor
Lämna oss med dålig utbildning och en kass fond
Asså, piskan viner tills vi går passgång
Dunka jimmie gul & blå, hissa han i en flaggstång
Landet vi nu bor i e fan krokigare än kungen
Drar till Djursholm och frågar brokigaste ungen
Från stekpanna till underliga lekplatser och gungor
Stenkantande massor och snedsnackade tungor
Mamma Svea har blivit iskallt — till SMHI
Ge det tjugo vintrar till och sen förstår vi
Socialdemokrati, Alexander Bards idioti
Din vardag som nyvald liberalslav sitter väl fint
Sverige baby, en boulevard av brustna drömmar
Och det dem en gång var vill dom fan att du skall glömma

Svarta duvor dyker, alla växter vissnar
Gamla sjuka sliter, Reinfeldt släckte gnistan
Jobba till 75, hur många blir 75?
Dom e Cruella De Vil och vi e dom fucking 101
Bär mina svarta prickar och deras blickar flackar
Har fått ont i huvet svär, så mycket skit dom snackar
Dom målar vit färg på svarta duvor
Medans familjer splittras av svensk-märkta kulor
Fucking yes, jag är kontroversiell, mannen
Vit som fan därför darrar hela jävla makten
Ingen förebild för dina barn
Men dina barn har blivit robbade på allt på min sida av stan
Varför? kom igen det är mitt land, ditt land
Fuck SD tills dom skickas ut från riksdagen
Svensk politik handlar bara om para
Å det bästa med Sverige är Zlatan!

Dom vill bygga ett land på hat
På ignorans och rädsla
Nej tack, det är bra
Vi behöver kärlek till varje människa
Så i 2014 får vi se vad vårt land är gjort på
Och jag hoppas att jag får se att rasisterna försvann
Och att fascisterna försvann
För hjärtat sitter här till vänster

I love my insta feed

I have never had a more diverse and beloved instagram feed. Just look at those three inspiring everyday heroes @kvinnohat, @anwahrathahb (who I've voted for to represent me and other greens in the EU!) and @organicmakers :

We are not the future we are now

Yesterday was an amazing day. My friend Raphael organized an action through the Junge Grüne to enlighten how we all can (and must) take measures against climate change, timing it all with the International Panel on Climate Change's 5th report that will be released tomorrow.
Hanging out/getting ready in the office of the "old" Greens and the young ones in Bern.
So many smiles. So many people who gladly received our flyers, took pictures and discussed. To be honest, I was surprised that more people didn't just walk away but instead came to us.
Discussing with the cops about the huge circus and enormous amounts of polices/action mans with weapons from all over the country who circuled around the federal palace this sunny Saturday. The cause? Extremists. From both right and left who we're planning manifestations at the Bundesplatz risking to get in troubble with each other. Quite good to bo green and clean sometimes, not risking more than a control of my pinguine passport and discussions about who was sweating the most with the cops.
Beautiful Bern. Beautiful bridges. Beautiful new friends.
"One would say that you're in the poster!" - though I'm not.
Raphael the photographer chilling with encouraged families.
Pingu, Pingu - yahooi! The definition of freedom: getting out from your room and your social medias and out in the real world to meet people! Though, how come the crowd doesn't appear in any photo? (There are also humans in the capital of Switzerland, I promise)
Enjoying spring around the embassy of Malaysia and taking media photos.
Cutest family who hung around for a long time during our photo session at the birdge.
The unforgettable moment when you ask the waitress to take a photo of you, your new friends your asian vegan and vegeterian burgers (+1 eco cow burger) and you somehow succeed to throw the beautiful bread away.

Inspiring Feminism

Looking for something different than a traditional white man (a Swiss cheese commercial this time) on the wall woman decided to draw a young woman beside him. The two opposites of power practioners historically and today. Somehow we typed in "feminisme muslumane", muslim feminism on Google and once we we're in we couldn't get out. Equality in all its honour, but this dedication and the fire in those women are things I hadn't seen before! Go girls!My new idols: 7 naked demonstrants in Paris during the International women's day 8th of March. I just feel like I should get out from my social medias and political world and go down to the streets right now. This is changement! This is braveness, this is the future, this is beautiful!
And last but not least another idol: my very own friend Natalia (and some cheesy grandpas with funny hats). Thanks for an awesome project!

Agnes & Natalia's piece of feminist art

The result of my and Natalias last project in arts class. We had to take a photo of a wall somewhere in Fribourg and put a tag on it, a tag that could have been made by Banksy himself (one of the coolest artists I know, check him out). I'll leave the interpretation to you for now and ask you to hold on for a post explaining more about the background and thoughts around our project.